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Software Development, IT Solutions and Financial Services Platforms for Growing Your Business!
Software Development, IT Solutionsand Financial Services Platformsfor Growing Your Business!

RFMSccs Training Documents:

RFMSccs "Essentials for RFMSccs" Document:

RFMSccs Training Videos:

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Highlighted Videos:

.....RFMS Measure Mobile Credit Card Payments

.....RFMSccsMobile - Adding New Users - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Payments - QuickChip Setup - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Payments - QuickChip Payment - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Overview 1 - General - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Overview 2 - Tokens & End-Of-Day - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Overview 3 - Adjs and Refunds - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Overview 4 - Voids and Adv Options - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Overview 5 - Online Bill Payment - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Overview-6 - MultiPay By Credit Card - NEW!

.....RFMSccs Overview - EMV ChipCards & Tokens

.....Multi-Invoice Customer Payments by Credit Card

.....Address Verification Threshold Features

.....End-of-Day - Credit Card Batch Settlement

RFMSccsMobile and RFMS Mobile Integration:

.....Overview and Assignment

Feature-Specific* Videos:

.....Manual Payments and Voids/Adjustments

.....RFMSccs Legacy (Swiper) Support Overview Video

.....RFMSccs Over-The-Counter Payments (w/ Tokens)

.....Partial Payment Approvals - New as of RFMS 16.1.2+!

.....Duplicate Transaction Prevention

Networking and RDP:

.....Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) Configuration

RFMS CCS Response Codes "Cheat Sheet":

Other Videos:

.....Marketing Video - 2014

Remote Support

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"The company as a whole has dropped from around 2.35% before ONTOP to 2.15%, an improvement of .20%."


Lisa Massey, PS Texas 8/7/19

"Installing your software is one of the best things this company has ever done."


 PS Wholesale Team Member

RFMSccsMobile App for Android and iOS is Now Available!

The RFMSccsMobile payment app is ready for use and completely integrated with RFMS. 

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RFMS CCS Training  & Support Videos

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Marketing & Support Videos

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