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RFMS Credit Card Services (RFMSccs) v10.2 by ONTOP Systems (for RFMS v17.0+)

ONTOP Systems has worked with RFMS to develop an integrated merchant processing solution for flooring retailers that works within RFMS Order Entry.


The RFMS  Credit Card Services module means "No more redundant data entry!"  The disconnect between your credit card terminal and your business software is a gone.  Clients save time (up to an hour a day) managing the "End-of-Day" process.


Clients leveraging ONTOP's relationship with TSys are reporting significant savings on their processing costs.  One client is saving over $2500.00 per month.


Save Time & Money with RFMS Credit Card Services.  You'll be glad you did!

RFMSccs for Windows

RFMSccs v10.2 for RFMS 17.0+

RFMSccs v10.2 for RFMS v17.1 / Clarion 10 (Update LITE)
Based on ONTOP Summit v10.2.8911, June 29, 2018
For RFMS v17.99 and Clarion v10.0
Compressed archive in ZIP format [15.0 MB]
RFMSccs v10.2 for RFMS 17.1 / Clarion 10 (New Setup ONLY!!)
Based on ONTOP Summit v10.2.8911, June 29, 2018
For RFMS v17.99 and Clarion v10.0
Compressed archive in ZIP format [20.7 MB]

RFMSccs v10.1 for RFMS 16.1+

RFMSccs v10.2 for RFMS 17.0/Clarion 10.0 (Update LITE)
Based on ONTOP Summit v10.2.8886, 2017
For RFMS v17.0 and Clarion v10.0
Compressed archive in ZIP format [12.3 MB]

RFMSccsMobile for iPhone/iPad

RFMSccsMobile for iOS - v3.19 - June 29, 2018

        RFMSccsMobile for iOS v3.19 Beta

        Mobile Credit Card Gateway for RFMS


                !!!!!!  Click the link below !!!!!!


         (Contact ONTOP if link needs refresh)


         RFMSccsMobile v3.19 for iOS/iPhone/iPad


        Click "Install Application", then "Install"




        "Untrusted Enterprise Developer"


             In iPad:

             Settings - General - Device Management

             Click on: "ONTOP Systems, Inc."

             Click on: Trust "ONTOP Systems, Inc."

             Click on: "Trust"

             Exit Settings. RFMSccsMobile is Active!


        RFMSccsMobile Development Notes

RFMSccsMobile for Android

RFMSccsMobile for Andoid - v3.19 - June 29, 2018

         Android Download (USE THIS LINK!):


         RFMSccsMobile Download Link (v3.19)


RFMSccsMobile for Android - TEST ONLY!!
Mobile (Android) Credit Card Gateway for RFMS by ONTOP Systems
Compressed archive in ZIP format [925.6 KB]

RFMSccsMobile: Android Device Support

         Supported Android Devices:  As of November, 2016


         RFMSccsMobile Android Support (as v5.0.10g)


         Android Test Device List:  As of February 2, 2017


         RFMSccsMobile Android Support (as v5.0.11g)


RFMSccs Other Downloads

Contains 'ONTOP' folder - Data components for RFMSccs

Download the Zip file and Extract to your RFMS root folder.
Execute the file "ONTOPFolder.exe" in your RFMS folder.

Based on ONTOP Summit v10.1.8828, September 14, 2016
Compressed archive in ZIP format [9.7 MB]
RFMSccs v4.0 for RFMS 16.1/Clarion 9.1 (Update-Full)
Based on ONTOP Summit v10.1.8838, January 16, 2017
For RFMS v16.1 and Clarion v9.1
Compressed archive in ZIP format [18.1 MB]

ONTOP Summit v10.1 for Windows

ONTOP Summit v10.1 for PervasiveSQL

For companies that truly seek an enterprise wide solution to their business management needs, ONTOP Summit is the answer. Summit integrates all key areas of your business, making it easy to find the vital information you need to make decisions that move your business toward the future

ONTOP Summit v10.1 for C9.1/Pervasive.SQL (Update-Full)
Based on ONTOP Summit v10.1.8824, August 5, 2016
Compressed archive in ZIP format [15.5 MB]

SmoothWall Advanced Firewall


SmoothWall Advanced Firewall
AdvancedFirewall-2008-i386-SP4, August 17, 2009
New file download
Network Guardian 2008
NetworkGuardian-2008-i386-SP4 August 17, 2009
New file download

Summit Server Test

        Summit Server Test

RFMSccs Paylex Online Bill Payment Service

Splashtop Remote Support Link

Remote Support

We love hearing from our customers!

"Installing your software is one of the best things this company has ever done."


 PS Wholesale Team Member

RFMS Mobile Pay App for Android and iApple now available

The RFMSccsMobile payment app is ready for use and completely integrated with RFMS. 

Let us provision an account for you so you can start today!!

Click to Download

RFMS CCS Training  & Support Videos

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RFMS CCS Brochure Link
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